Have you noticed that so many people have “coaches” these days? Sometimes people have had a personal coach but they were called “advisors” – people who had been there, done it, but still had passion to transfer knowledge that ordinarily was hard to get.
At The Sales Academy we also see the benefit of coaching. Coaching is not restricted to just sales coaching but also comes in other formats. For example , Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Business Coaching, Personal Development Coaching and more.

We focus on Sales Coaching and Personal Development Coaching but also have a number of outstanding other coaches that can help make life and business so much easier.

Sales Coaching – Often we deliver this to the sales team where 1 hour of group coaching can be incredibly beneficial. Additionally, 1:1 coaching in sales skills is available where we take a deep dive into the sales cycle to ensure that sales staff are fully equipped to succeed. Much of the coaching will be bespoke on the basis that everyone has a different focus or want a specific topic covered. You can find out more by filling out the form below or by emailing

Mindset Coaching – Again this can be delivered as a 1:1 or as a group, usually in a 2 hour session. Having the right Mindset is essential and powerful yet surprisingly overlooked by so many companies and managers. Dealing effectively with every eventuality, remaining positive and driving a sale over the line is expected and with the right Mindset can be achieved.

Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching and Personal Development Coaching

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